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JamersRyan 04-14-2011 03:40 PM

Amazing Operations Engineer - Linux
Are you a systems person who loves to code? Are you a programmer who loves playing with hardware? Join Rapleaf Ops! Help us optimize a data center with many hundreds of machines and operate a Hadoop cluster spanning 14+ cabinets and containing over a petabyte of capacity. We write code to make administering that hardware a breeze, and work on projects alongside the rest of the Rapleaf software development team. Your responsibility will be to do whatever it takes to get the job done. One day it could be installing racks of machines, the next day it could be writing code to optimize our API.

Maintain and grow our existing hardware/software infrastructure.
Create tools for managing our massive hardware resources; fight to make our server:sysadmin ratio ridiculously high.
Optimize like crazy; squeeze every bit of performance out of our servers.
Work closely with developers to solve systems problems. Blur the line between ops and dev.
Help build a great company.


Smart, friendly, gets stuff done.
Loves hardware. Probably owns and uses a soldering iron.
Lives at the command line.
Likes to code. Our ops team is unique; we are part of the development team.
Excellent troubleshooting skills.
Very organized. Can't stand to see messy cabling jobs.
Intensely driven, proactive, and hard working.
Happy to move around on the team and pitch in where needed to get the job done.
Looks forward to working with A-players; too good to spend long hours with B-players.
Likeable, ethical person who garners respect on and off the job.
Thrives on chaos, risk, and uncertainty.
Desires to be a real owner in Rapleaf's future.
Wants to live in or near San Francisco (we'll relocate you if necessary).
This is an entry-level position (0-5 years experience).

Please check out our Careers page and apply at

Feel free to email: with any questions. Thanks! We look forward to receiving!

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