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jeremy 02-14-2008 10:34 PM

Port Forwarding with SSH
A new article entry has been added:

Port Forwarding with SSH


Port Forwarding with SSH
by Jeremy Garcia
Linux Magazine

For those of you unfamiliar with SSH, it allows for secure encrypted network communication and can replace insecure unencrypted utilities such as telnet, ftp, and the r-commands (rlogin, rsh, rcp). If you still use telnet please put this magazine down right now, go disable the telnet daemon, and install SSH and then continue reading.

archtoad6 02-17-2008 06:18 PM

Shouldn't those commands be:

$ ssh -Nf -L
$ ssh -Nf -R 2222:localhost:22 machine...home
$ ssh -p2222

Or did you mean to leave out the spaces between the commands & the options?

If so, it might have been a good idea to say so & why.

Also, I think you meant "-Nf" 2ce, & not "-nF" the 2nd time:

(from the ssh man page)
Redirects stdin from /dev/null (actually, prevents reading from stdin). This must be used when ssh is run in the background. A common trick is to use this to run X11 programs on a remote machine. For example, ssh -n emacs will start an emacs on, and the X11 connection will be automatically forwarded over an encrypted channel. The ssh program will be put in the background. (This does not work if ssh needs to ask for a password or passphrase; see also the -f option.)

-F configfile
Specifies an alternative per-user configuration file. If a configuration file is given on the command line, the system-wide configuration file (/etc/ssh/ssh_config ) will be ignored. The default for the per-user configuration file is $HOME/.ssh/config

jeremy 03-14-2008 12:16 PM

Thanks for the heads up - I've updated the article.


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