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stomfi 04-13-2006 04:39 PM

DISCUSSION: Power to the Users - Part 8
This thread is to discuss the article titled:
Power to the Users - Part 8


Power to the Users. Shell Scripting & GUI interfacing for Desktop Users. By Stomfi 2006 Part 8 - Continuing Story Board Scripting In this article you will create even more scripts to be called for by the Transcripts that were written in Part 6. I've been a bit busy finishing off the Storyboard for my 'SCOOL application, adding the needed functionality to Dyne2 beta 5 and making sure everything worked as planned. My beta testers also gave me some feedback so I had to add a couple of extras to the Storyboard to satisfy their needs. The modified dyne2 iso can be found at my site on This includes all the shell scripts you are likely to see here and the RunRev development files as well. The Storyboard system resides in Dyne in /opt under /opt/SCOOL so that all the calls from RunRev to shell scripts and from shell scripts to shell scripts will say /opt/SCOOL/bin instead of this projects $HOME/SB/bin, so beware of copying and not editing. I radically modified the Dyne2 iso using their dynesdk script, changing the splash screen to my own, adding my own menu items, and some extras I like to see on a system. It's a great system for hackers thanks to Jaromil and all the team at Rastasoft.

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