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stomfi 04-01-2006 11:07 AM

DISCUSSION: Power to the Users - Part 6
This thread is to discuss the article titled:
Power to the Users - Part 6


Power to the Users. Shell Scripting & GUI interfacing for Desktop Users. By Stomfi 2006 Part 6 - Continuing Story Board Scripting In this part you will create and copy the image script, and write more Transcripts and shell scripts for the activities the story board performs. Many of the Runtime Revolution scripts call Linux shell scripts using these three basic commands:
  1. put ($HOME & "/SB/bin/" && quote & ARGSTRING1 & quote && ARGSTRING2) into DUWORK
  2. replace return with empty in DUWORK
  3. put the shell of DUWORK into DUNWORK
If ARGSTRING1 contains "filename1 filename2" and ARGSTRING2 contains "45", the first command creates a shell command string that looks like this:

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