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stomfi 03-31-2006 01:21 PM

DISCUSSION: Power to the Users - part 1
This thread is to discuss the article titled:
Power to the Users - part 1


Linux Power Tools for End Users. Simple Shell Scripting & GUI interfacing for Desktop Users. by Stomfi 2005 Part 1

Simon Bridge 04-01-2006 10:05 PM

Infomercial time?


Back in the last century many women end users found that using the UNIX tools was really as easy as writing out event orders for a parties, and managing a household, so I hope many of you read and enjoy this series.
Sure - and we all enjoyed our hot date: Dinner At Home.

Mind you - the strategy of describing the lin/unix cli commands as "power tools" is kinda neat :) and one I am bound to steal later, however, this seems to be aimed at a specific product.

The product in question adds a gui interface to the traditional shell. The effect seems to be to make shell scripting more complex than just typing. So I guess you've lost me on this one. :(

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