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Andrew Holmes 01-14-2007 12:04 PM

DISCUSSION: Korean Konundrum Number 2: Enforcing Multilingualism
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Korean Konundrum Number 2: Enforcing Multilingualism


While many computer users tend to use an interface requiring only their own native language, moving out to another country (or, at least, to another language requirement) creates problems, especially in cases where the user requires the ability to write in their native language and another, or possibly two or three others. Here in Korea, I have to write in not only English but also Korean (Hangeul) and Old (Traditional) and Simplified (I resist the temptation to say simple) Chinese. Here is an account of my ongoing battle to maintain this capability.

arm-c 09-04-2008 08:48 PM

I used to be sold on MEPIS linux and I had good language support for western languages. I had tried Ubuntu, but it just didn't grab my attention at the time... HOWEVER, I started trying to get Korean to work with MEPIS and I failed miserably... IT NEVER WORKED RIGHT!

I had a computer that I wanted to give to my wife with linux on it and she is Korean.... sooooo I tried out Ubuntu. (7.04 at the time... I am now using 8.04). Ubuntu installed and ran perfectly with Korean support. That sold me on the distro right there!

Version 8.04 has improved tremendously!!! I had my computer installed without language support up front. I later wanted to add Korean support and it went so smooth. ALL I HAD TO DO was go to the SYSTEM / ADMINISTRATION / LANGUAGE SUPPORT and select the Korean Support and checked box for complex character input and BAM, it downloaded all the needed packages (with one exception) and I had 한굴 installed and working in every app!!! Even OpenOffice! (except Abiword... haven't figured out why it won't show the characters)

The package I FOUND i needed that wasn't installed was the SCIM-QT-Bridge package... Ubuntu is a Gnome desktop environment by default.

I needed it for those few QT based apps that I use (VirtualBox!!)

So, give it a shot if what you want is flawless language support.

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