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vharishankar 10-29-2006 06:44 AM

DISCUSSION: [Hari's Linux Corner] Random Linux Game: Wormux
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[Hari's Linux Corner] Random Linux Game: Wormux


Those who've played the classic Team17 game Worms will know how addictive and involved the game is. It's one of the few games that I really enjoy whole-heartedly. Little worms moving across the screen and blasting each other in different ways certainly is my idea of fun. Sadly, you don't get those kinds of games any more these days -- immensely fun, playable and yet simply designed. Wormux is a FOSS remake of worms with a twist. Each team has an FOSS equivalent in the real world and you literally battle it out for supremacy on different maps. While still under heavy development, Wormux already is very playable and fun although one does miss the spectacular mass-damage and sound effects seen in the original and in Worms - Armageddon. But I have high hopes that the remake will be as good as the original one day.

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