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sickboylives 07-10-2005 04:52 PM

Ubuntu and media players
Finally, I have a decent working media player for Ubuntu.

I read all over the place that Rythmbox was supposed to be able to play mp3 files. I couldn't get it to work, no matter what I did.

Totem is supposed to be a media player that works. It didn't work for me. I even took the backend out and replaced it with totem-xine. That gave me video, but still no audio. Back to the drawing board I go.

Finally, I uninstalled Totem. I uninstalled Rythmbox. I uninstalled Totem's backend. Frustrated, I did it all the hard way.

Went to, got the all the tarballs I needed, unpacked, and compiled them myself. Now I can listen to any MP3 and watch any video file I want.

Yay for multimedia!

aysiu 07-10-2005 05:23 PM

That's one way to do it. Or you could do this:

Then, this:

XavierP 07-10-2005 05:25 PM

Nice one :)

mookie2125 07-12-2005 06:32 AM

Ubuntu 4.10 fresh install sound problems
Absolute newbie - Loaded Ubuntu 4.10 from CD , sound of drums played briefly then no sounds from any devices,
Cmptr home built - Asrock M/B with sound on board (AC 97) disabled in BIOS
Aopen Cobra AW-850 deluxe soundcard 5.1 Ch PCI Audio ( In windows XP shows as C-Media)
Athlon2600+ 1 gig Ram 120 gig HD Dual Boot with Windows XP on separate 40 gig partitions with auto formatting and partitioning on "D" drive partition for Ubuntu via CD installation
NVidia GeForce 440 64Mb Video Card (on board video disabled in Bios)
DV2000 Digital video capture card - actually uses a lead from the "line-out" the " line-in"
on the sound card ( quirk of the DV card ) 1 x 16X cd/dvd rom , 1x DVD burner , 1 x FDD
Once we are up and running in Ubuntu all the "programs work" ( well I think they do as my linux experience is less than 1 day)... with the exception of any sounds being produced. the DVD's will not play any sounds or videos either. All indications are that they seem to be playing but not a squeak out of the speakers. The mixer appears on screen when brought up, nothing is muted and
everything works in windows xp. Hoping a linux guru can poin me in the right direction
Rgds Mookie2125

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