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mausie 05-09-2005 03:07 PM

Totally hooked to linux
hey hey guys:)

Just want to tell about my story and what i think of linux :p

2/3 years ago i tried my first linux distro. Mandrake it was. God it was hell, i couldn't find my way, alota problems with things and difficult. felt like a total idiot when it came to computers being behind linux. It didn't feel right. so i gave up.

I heard alota good stories about Ubuntu. so i thought: ahh why not, let's just install it! So i did 1 week ago after so many years again :)

Since that day I havn't touched windows anymore. I'm in love with linux. I even made a linux book myself i made in OpenOffice, like 20 pages. all written myself, so i can look it back up later when i'm having trouble.
All things i learned so far, and can do are in it:) forgeting something, or i'm scratching my head like 'right.. ati drivers.. how? oh yeah!. means --> book :D

(god i'm such a geek)

I'm using linux now kinda like i was using windows, don't feel like a newbie anymore.can do all stuff. and god it's the best ive seen so far on my pc. GO ubuntu! go linux:)

sorry about bothering you guys, I just wanted to share how i feel,Make that a +1 count on linux world!

have a nice evening, I will!



XavierP 05-09-2005 03:12 PM

Nice one - and this is moved to Success Stories. :D

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