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zaharia 03-14-2004 12:07 AM

ran a succesful basic Linux class today
today i ran a successful "Introduction to Linux" type class today using the KNOPPIX distro. I only had 3 people but they were all in their mid to late 50s and are not what you might call computer savvy. We ran the KNOPPIX distry off their CD-ROMS and i am happy to report the class was a complete success. As usual, KNOPPIX had no problems detecting all their hardware, setting the network and working perfectly. I introduced them to KDE, the taskbar and its various icons, Mozilla as a browser, showed them how to save their configurations, taught them how to create icons, we surfed the net, ran a few multimedia programs with XINE and XMMS and even opened a few documents with Open Office.

Microcrap SHOULD be worried, if they are not already. Linux IS ready for the desktop!

AMMullan 03-14-2004 12:34 AM

Haha VERY kewl :)

Hopefully more people like yourself will start this and get the rest of the M$ community into these classes and then we can start to see market share go more towards Linux - I think there needs to be more gaming solutions developed and open to the community before we can say that it will take over tho...

I had my mother ask me about Linux - Installed it on her PC (she has been using M$ XP Pro for a while) and then showed her OpenOffice - she took to it like she had always used it :D

lone_nut 03-14-2004 06:02 AM

This is some of the best news I have heart a long time. (since the fall of the Berlin wall).
Thank you for makeing my day perfekt.

Hidden_Hunter 03-27-2004 03:34 AM

in my it class at school we use ssh to interface with a red hat server. My it teacher saw that i already knew how to do the stuff he was showing so he let me load on mandrake on a removable hdd.

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