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Berkut83 03-29-2006 03:44 AM

RAID PROBLEM Invalid argument, bad superblock magic in messages.log ***SOLVED***
Hi all,
i'm writing this post simply to help those guys who are having problem starting raid because i have spent a day of my life understanding why the hell my raid doesn't work after system rebooting.

following this procedure can delete all your data

you are creating a raid (for example raid1).
after modified RAIDTAB you launch mkraid command and
then verify the file /proc/mdstat.
All is ok but the next time you boot.....INVALID ARGUMENT!!! and if you look in the log file messages you see BAD SUPERBLOCK MAGIC.

Is some posts i have seen that some guys have solved the problem by starting raid using raidstart --all because they have discovered that the problem was that linux didn't start automatically raid.

But this is not the case. I receive this error even with raidstart --all, and, however, this error occurs with every disk I use to create a raid, scsi, ide, etc....

I have seen that you can work around this problem by setting to 1 the option in RAIDTAB called
"persistent superblock"

Doing this the error doesn't appear anymore.

For 2 or 3 times i have tried to reset the option again to 0 and to remake the raid. I have always received the same error after linux reboot. Resetting again the option to 1 and remaking the raid,cause it corretly works even after reboot (REMEMBER however to launch the command "raidstart --all" because it is not sure that linux will do it for you).

NOTE: if i have correctly understood, this option "persistent superblock" makes raid disks visible to the kernel even if you change their SCSI position. I know that this is strange and that can be not directly related to the problem, but it works very well, so, let's do it!!

I hope this will be useful for you

Bye bye!!

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