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jdr97 03-01-2012 03:40 PM

Puppeee Linux is just what I needed
Hi, new here, just found Success Stories forum and would like to share mine. Old news, though.

I own Acer netbook, Aspire One, and was trying to find more stable system than one it was sold with. From the first try Puppeee Linux worked, worked very well without any additional "upgrade the user". More of this, this was a perfect package, everything I needed, small, worked fast, no problems for a long time. Still using it.

No longer supported and became outdated. No other Puppy Linux that I tried comes even close to it in functionality (personal opinion, of course). Can't find replacement to it yet.

And, as any other Puppy, it requires more advanced user than I am, to install it. Computer technician did it for me.

Still, this is the Puppeee Linux success story.

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