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Robert0380 06-06-2003 05:57 PM

phpbb2 forum up and running
2 in 1 week, im gettin good. i even installed it remotely (sshed in, did a wget, tar xvfz and configured it all from work).

this one works a lot like IMP..buts its a forum and not email so it is much easier to set up..all in php so no compiling...just had to create a user and password in mysql and the database for it.. it handles the rest. it is very comparable to this forum (written in php, has the same features for uers, shows some of the same info like number of posts, users online, moderators all that stuff...i havent found anything different about it from LQ's software except the look.....but phpbb is free).

no clue what im gonna do with forum software....but i just like setting stuff up's there if i wanna use it. if u wanna know more about it.

Crashed_Again 06-07-2003 09:26 AM

Yeah I have phpbb too! Your right. It is very easy to setup and the more you use it the more you'll find out just how great it is and how many options you have available. Plus there are tons of modules out there for it so you can really customize it to your liking.

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