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erickFis 02-02-2005 05:31 AM

Permanent solution for the mp3 loudness
Hi guys!

In order to normalize the loudness of several albuns of a mp3 collection,
I usually use NORMALIZE in the MIX mode (normalize -m bla bla bla...) togheter with FIND.
However this solution has been somewhat unsuitable because every time that I add a new album to the
collection I have to apply the command to the whole collection again since the MIX mode searches for the
avarage loudness of the files to normalize them.

One of the ideas would be pre determine the minimum and the maximum loudness of each
song in dB, and then apply these thresholds to the whole collection causing all the songs to follow the same loudness default.

Thus, whenever I insert a new album I wouldnīt need to normalize the whole collection
again, only this one.

How can I do this?
Is it a good idea?
Is there any other suggestion, considering that I donīt want to normalize the whole collection
every time I add a new album?

Best regards,


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