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TheFirstMan 11-20-2003 02:23 PM

PcTel PCT789 Compilation in Fedora Core 1
Ok, so to start off, I'm a newbie.

To compile PcTel modem modules in Fedora Core 1...

1.Download (or have somebody download for you) the newest pctel tarball

2. uncompress:
tar -xzvf pctel-

NOTE: Make sure you have the kernel source and the development RPMs installed. This can be accessed through the add/remove applications application.

3. open a new terminal in super user mode. Check that /sbin is in your $PATH
To check, type: echo $PATH
You should see '/sbin' in there

4. go to the pctel directory. It should be called 'pctel-' and it should be a new sub-directory of where you initially downloaded the file.

5.type: export CC=gcc32
This foolery must be done because the kernel was compiled with gcc32, but gcc33 is the default.

6.type: ./configure --with-hal=(your HAL type here)
you can read about hal types in the readme in the pctel directory.

7.type: make

8.type: make install

and from there it's a simple: insmod pctel.o
and a: insmod ptserial.o

you might have to force those.

Anyway, it's been a helluva journey for a newbie, and my fingers and brain are TIRED.

I figured I'd try and save somebody else the pain.

Good luck,

fancypiper 11-20-2003 02:57 PM

This thread has been added to my list of ever growing modem links. :D

I am amazed at the persistence of Linux newbies that will jump through such hoops to get things working.

Back in 1999 when I first got started, the first thing I did when reading about Linux was to toss my winmodem in the trash and get a serial port external modem.

I might could get one working now, but my internet speed is so much better in all my OSs, I think I will stick with the good 'un.

rykel 09-03-2004 12:59 PM

hi pals,

i am getting pretty frustrated at the complexity of just trying to get my PCTEL hsp56 Micromodem to work!!

anyway, while trying to ./configure, i always get the following result:

: bad interpreter : no such file or directory

may i know what is my fedora core trying to tell me??

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