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horace6 11-23-2009 03:00 PM

no sound
using suse 11.2 . in using amarok there is sound sometimes,,but if try and open the browser the sound stops. then i stop the music and restart it ,it will play until i try and turn the page in the browser again.
Howcan i get it to keep playing? Babshee or any media player does the same thing.

ofaring 12-01-2009 10:02 PM

Not enough information. Is the sound stuttering or completely stopping? Does Amarok appear to be playing while you're getting no sound? By "browser" do you mean a web browser? Could be inadequate RAM, could be a hardware problem. Might be many things.

For some good ideas on posting clear questions, check these links.

ofaring 12-06-2009 11:32 AM

Finding information.

thanks for looking at this problem. There is snd sometimes,then it just stops,but the player shows it is playing. Also Amarok will not work,so i am using VLC media player. My memory is 1GB. Sometimes before it cuts off it start breaking up. Whenever you use the web browsers,and change the pages it stops briefly ,then starts again. Then it stops completly. It gives this behaviour in KDE or-Gnome. I am using a sound card "C-Media CM 18738 Model 37 cmedia pci=dac/adc" why i use the card at first it would not play through sound on the motherboard.
I Am using Intel pent,4 1.80mhz ram=1GB. NEED YOUR HELP.
I'm posting your email here because someone else may have more info for you. There are a few things I'm going to suggest right off. (I don't use OpenSuse, so I don't have exact details for configuring the distro.) If you haven't already, you might join/post in the OpenSuse forum. Second, I wasn't paying attention the first time around, but you are posting in entirely the wrong place here. This forum is for telling people about solved problems, not existing problems. Try distro specific or hardware. You'll get better attention if you post in the right place.

If you're going to use Linux as a home operating system, you need to learn to search out info for yourself. Google covers a massive range of info and is often helpful to use. For instance, you need to know your own hardware. I knew nothing about your sound card chipset, yet it only took me 2.4 seconds to gather initial data using Google, This gives me better info for questions, which will hopefully lead to better answers. You can do the same. (For instance, did you add a sound card to your system because the motherboard's integrated sound wasn't working? In which case, what is that chipset? Or, is the C-Media chipset actually your integrated soundcard?)

About that Google link above. I suggest reading through the info in this mailing archive thread. It's quite informative. Also, did you search itself for info?

I did check a couple of things. The OpenSuse HCL indicates no trouble with your card, and the ALSA site says the same. This page has other specific details (search for C-Media, probably Ctrl+F in your browser). From these, I'm going to suggest two basic things to begin your troubleshooting. First ensure that the wrong module isn't loaded: (As the "root" user in a terminal.)

# modprobe -rv snd-cmi8330
Now make sure that the right modules are loaded: (Again, as root in a terminal.)

# modprobe -v snd-cmipci ; modprobe -v snd-pcm-oss ; modprobe -v snd-mixer-oss ; modprobe -v snd-seq-oss
If that works (honestly, not likely, but it's a start), there are ways to set that to happen automatically on every boot. Also, if previous distro versions have not given you sound trouble, I suggest searching for more info on the OpenSuse site.

Now read through that mailing list thread. You may just find your answer. On the other hand, I could give you a shortcut to the answer, which I may have found, but you will learn much more if you go through the process of elimination yourself. Although it's not your CPU hardware, I suggest also reading this.

Best of luck in your searching and learning.

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