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jdii1215 04-01-2003 08:17 AM

Mousing about
Mminor, relatively, but it would appear that modern linux does not like mice with:

sticky switches, cords with tiny breaks, or ones that are too FAST natively.

The first two I can understand, the third, well, I LIKE a fast mouse. I also like KDE. so, got a Logitech MX700. It kinda ran in Mandrake 9.0 and rc2 of 9.1, BUT if I moved the accelleration even a tib off of zero(far left) toward faster, things massively and mysteriously locked after a random time frame.

NO resource conflicts, the mouse was simply feeding Mandrake too fast. The microshaft optical did not accellerate even that fast. The MX500 limped as bad as the MX700.

UNLESS the raw accelleration was dropped to minimum.

Also, why did XP turn up its nose at my TDK burner, but Mandrake likes it and always did???? XP tries to use it at full speed, Mandrake will nto use it at above 20X on 40X media. XP uses same media on an MSI Dragonwriter which I got for much less than the TDK, but faster (32X ISO BURNS).

This thread is not about failures, but I am in fact burning ISOs on XP with Nero for two reasons-- Comcast will not let Mandrake FTP locally, and XP can FTP fantasticly fast. Down here on the Florida panhandle south of Tampa, RedHat will not FTP either. Both unices get routed via North Carolina for EVERY connect, then BACK here, then out, and the pathing is dynaimicly load balanced during FTP also. XP gets smoother routing. 98 SE gets routing like Linux does. APPARENTLY, Comcast multisources bandwidth, and some of the bandwidth providers cannot always use Unix routing right. Result is badly broken FTP with total Linux locks(try RESET time at the power switch). OH, if I wanted to learn BSD better I could FTP from that also. So, I have a learning box for XP and it surfs, with help for security (lots of help). The Barton 2500+ box runs with Mandrake 9.1 Godl and bahaves except for FTP and surfing, and gets spoon-fed stuff.

Everything has tradeoffs. My alternaitve is 38-48K variable according to humidity level DIALUP, for surfing, though, so will surf with XP Pro for now.

John Danielson, II

Aussie 04-01-2003 09:57 AM

To speed up an optical mouse without having to us epointer acceleration (almost certainly what caused your problems John :-), add the following to the pointer section of your XF86Config.

Option "Resolution" "3200"
3200 is a number I picked out of thin air, works fine with my ps/2 optical.

jdii1215 04-01-2003 01:48 PM

The MX700 runs about 4-6 times that rate-- too fast. The PS\2 optical generic wheelie I use with Mandrake now runs at what you said times 1.4. I said variable for the MX700 becasue it has internal hardware accelleration basd on motion speed-- definitely what caused part of the problems.

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