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_UnPrEdictAbLe_ 10-09-2004 04:41 AM

Linux changed my life... share ur xperiences.

I came to know of Linux about 2 years ago....

And now, I can proudly say.... that I AM A LINUX USER.....

I dont have the blue screen of death anymore, my PC doesnt crash...
and I dont need to use pirated software !!

Linux really changed my life...

Initially.... the KDE environment felt like alien environment to me... but now, KDE is my favorite......

Do share your how has linux changed ur life ??



XavierP 10-09-2004 04:51 AM

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darkleaf 10-10-2004 12:22 PM

I've been using it for like 6 months and for like 4 real. The other 2 I spend coming back for short times cause I liked it so much but couldn't get my wireless card to work. One day I just sat down and didn't stop till I fixed it. I haven't used windows at my computer for like 2-3 months now and I hate it when I have to use it for school or to do some admin stuff at my dad's.

I like it really much. If something doesn't work most of the time you cna get it to work anyway or if something breaks it's a lot easier to repair.

It's faster and looks a lot better with less resources. I like it a lot that your system is used to its maximum resources, not just a bit as in windows (for example RAM)

_UnPrEdictAbLe_ 10-10-2004 02:58 PM


I like Linux too much....

but I dont agree on the FASTER THAN WINDOWS concept...
I use FC2 with KDE and i feel that its heavier than windows.... does anyone know how to make it light....???

darkleaf 10-11-2004 03:32 AM

Yes run another window manager. I'm using fluxbox.

darthtux 10-11-2004 03:47 AM

I have been using Linux for 5 years and love it. At home I never use windows. Even when using Windows at work I ssh into linux/unix boxes :)

start up
and turn off things you know you don't need to run.

hameedkhan 10-11-2004 05:04 AM

i come to know about linux a 13 months ago. i installed it and then delete it because i was stupid. then 6 months ago i got to know about local linux user group and it change my life. i am using linux since the first week of April 2004. And from that day i never switched back to windows. I am using slackware 10.0. never had any problem which cannot be solved. before getting to know about linux i were using winows for more then 2 years and that time i think my self a computer geek. but after installing Linux i realize that i even dont know what a computer really is. but in these 6 months i have learned much more then i could have ever learned in windows. and there is still more to learn. i have passed lpi exam 101. now hope fully i will be taking lpi exam 102 next month.

And where faster then windows is concerend for me its faster then windows. REALLY!.

For more information check Why Linux Feels Slow

LauroMoura 10-15-2004 08:27 AM

I stopped using windows at home (at least on my main computer) march, 2003. My first distro was RH9, but it was SOOOOO slow.

Now I'm using Slack10 and it is much better than my old XP (On a duron 850MHz with 128 MB RAM). It was hard in the beginning but with time you get more used. I even started to show Linux to my friends and slowly they're trying it.

I'm thinking about a LPIC1 until

_UnPrEdictAbLe_ 10-16-2004 02:36 AM

Ya.... seems you all guys really love linux....

Anyway... I have mostly used Redhat software.. . and I am quite reluctant to leave it... just coz then I have to get used to other distros specific commands, etc.

Anyway, I believe that more than CPU speed, linux is hungry of RAM and I have been able to run linux on slower processors with high RAM better than on faster ones with low RAM.

What do you have to say ??


hari_seldon99 10-16-2004 02:52 AM

I have always had to use linux (Red Hat) for academic reasons. All throughout as an undergrad (My department ran Slackware) and my masters (Red Hat 7+) in NFS systems. I've been running Mandrake in my desktop for 2 yrs now and have never regretted it (except in those rare occasions when I spend the whole night resolving rpm dependencies that urpmi could not handle, but that's decreasing with better repositories). I sometimes use nmap to mimick ddos attacks on my roommate's windows laptop just to scare him with a zone alarm alert :) . Also, open source software has an extensive (though not exhaustive) repertoire, simply because of the sheer number of developers working on them. I'm even running linux (Familiar) in my PDA now. It's several orders of magnitude better than stupid insecure proprietary obsolete WINCE.

_UnPrEdictAbLe_ 10-16-2004 01:16 PM


Still I feel there is a problem with hardware compatibility in linux.....

It was a great achievement for me when I made my Wireless card work in FC2.... But my sm56 modem still doesnt work in RH9..... :(

I hope things change for better in linux.... I also feel than packages doing same job shud be removed from linux distros.... to include only the best of all.... so that there is some standardization.....

What do u say ??


gurfrip 10-30-2004 03:41 PM

I've been using linux for three weeks. I have 6 machines and two connections. in the last three weeks my windows computers have contracted more indestructable spyware then I have ever seen in the last three years. It's just getting very bad. I even spent 2 hours on the phone with webroot to try and figure out how to get some spyware off my system that even their most recent program could not. They even sent me their device for detecting programs running in the background. Spent $100.00 on firewall's spyhunters just last wenesday and it's already worthless garbage that can't do anything against the disease.

That machine is effed. My other window's machine now is locking up and asking me for a password that I never set. If you ask me, Microsoft is on the verge of having a major cataclismic software catastrophy. Anyone using a windows based web browser is walking around with a big target tatooed on their face asking the world to punish them.

I spend my day trading stocks and I have to tell you, having my platform screwed up by spyware has been no laughing matter. I have called my senator, and a congresswoman with a bill before the house on the matter. You just can't keep that shit off a windows machine. of the biggest advocates for our congress not to act firmly and decissively against Microsoft.

The spyware is getting more and more advanced and I do not want bill gates, yahoo or google hiding under my toilet seat with a camera and I don't want them on my system. Enough is enough. I'm sick and tired of greedy corporations doing their best to screw up everything for the sake of having a pop up ad for a mortgage that I don't need or want. I do not have the time or the technical expertise to deal with this shonk on a daily basis.

I spend at least one hour of every day dealing with spyware, removing spyware or trying to stop spyware. I'm tired of it, fed up, sick and tired.

As soon as I can get java to run on my mandrake 10 machines I hope to leave windows where it belongs. In my history.

For me the easiest way out is to learn another system - Linux.

_UnPrEdictAbLe_ 10-30-2004 06:05 PM

Welcome to the linux world.

By the way, you said you couldnt make java work on Mandrake? If you need help do contact, but the linux versions of Java are available and you just need to download and install them.

gurfrip 10-30-2004 08:04 PM

Thank you for the welcome and offer of assistance.
I'm going to try again with java on tuesday, I stay away from anything having to do with the stock market on weekends. Like to keep the weekends for work I enjoy doing, like playing with my machines, reading my book on grid computing and trying to download prolog.......I think the greatest thing about Linux is that if you have the time to commit to it and you have a thirst for information, there is no limit to what you can do with it.

I think using linux is not only good for the practitioner of general computer usage but it is almost a social responsibility at this point in time. Technological society is getting way out of hand to the point our basic Civil Rights are being violated daily by major software publishers and corporations. Without a second thought.

Using Linux is voting with your feet, it's not only a better way to manage your system, is also a way to say ("I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!").

I think the oportunities in linux are similar to the oportunities first seen in computers during the late 70's and early 80's. Yes Linux has been around for decades but I think that using linux is about to become a counter-coulture revolution against the software corporate establishment. Corporate America is getting way to close for comfort to most individuals and Msft, yhoo and goog want more and more ("Eye Controll"). One of the best things I think individuals can do is look for other non-commercialized search devices and switch to linux.

I'm getting a stack of manuals and see what we can do as an individuals to stop what is going on. Because it must be stopped. Corporations have no soul, no personality and no empathy and they have no place on your home system.

Give me LINUX or give me Death!

lol....had to rant......

ror 10-30-2004 08:47 PM

has linux changed my life? I suppose it has, it's made me more appreciate just how much most end users actually WANT to be spoon fed. And I don't treat them with disdain for that.

At the same time, I've learnt that if I ever want a program, or a widget that does something, someone else somewhere with the skills to make it will already have done so, and so there should be no settling for second best with the scope and choice you get with linux.

linux is undeniably great for those who want it, but there's a lot of people on message boards who seem to take pleasure out of getting other people to try it, without thinking if that person really would want it or not. (not talking about this message board)

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