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paicolman 11-02-2004 09:17 AM

Just a good thing to learn...
I have a couple of minutes before my train goes, so I wanted to tell the stories I've lived with LX so far. I installed a dloaded SuSE about a month ago, after I had played with knoppix for a bit, just to know what this linux stuff is. After a while I moved to FC2, which is the distro I use now.

After a lot of forum questions, rpm downloading and kernel compiling I finally got my zyxel 630-11 modem working (thanks to the developers of amedyn), I got my usb webcam working (still cannot do messaging, though) and even got the software for a chip testing machine we use at the office running!

I don't want to bore everyone with the details, I made some how-to's and tried to answer in forums the questions from the little I have learned. If anyone finds this post, these are not links, but useful keywords to go looking for if you have HW similar to mine...

For the zyxel modem:
careful dloaded SuSE users: you don't have make, gcc or glibc!
may need to edit atmdev.h - some error with linux/config.h file
Need to compile the kernel

for the webcam:
qc-usb - the driver for the camera
gaim-vv (does not work for me yet)

Anyway, it's a fun OS to get to know, it has a bit difficulties in finding HW, but is fun to mess with, even those "scary" things like rebuilding the kernel. Only drawback: You end up spending much time with it, my wife does not like that too much... well, she married the geek, not me!


XavierP 11-02-2004 10:36 AM

Excellent, glad to hear you have not only stuck with it but have begun to feed back to the community.

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