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Artimus 05-25-2003 11:43 PM

I have my own Linux Server!!!
For a long time, I've had a server sitting over here doing nothing. On Friday, I went to bestbuy and bought a switch and a few ethernet cables to setup a network. I aleady had a Linksys router. Plugged everything in, configured the router to give my comps a static IP.

Then I did a network install of Debian(The server's CD-Rom drive is broken)

I now have:
Apache, PHP4, Mysql4
UltimateIRCD with Anope IRC Services

P.S. Running Unstable(Sid)

Whitehat 05-26-2003 12:31 AM


Nice work doooky :)

That is a nice job. Network Install = Cool

macewan 05-26-2003 07:18 AM

it's a neat feeling isn't it =)

Artimus 05-26-2003 10:29 AM

Its awesome to be able to have a 24x7 server now. Out of my three boxes, its my favorite. Not to brag(Because its probably not worth braggin about), but here's the specs. So far, I'm using 310megs of space total. I could probably get that farther down but, why bother?

CPU: 300mhz Intel Pentium II Processor
RAM: 192megs
Harddrive: 4.2GB SCSI

kazuni 05-26-2003 10:48 AM

good job artimus :D i did a hard drive and an ftp install too ... wonder how i can install it via network :D (i have 1 computer, lol, running vmware and set the host computer as an ftp server :P)

Korff 06-02-2003 08:35 AM

Network install, I gotta do that soon.

Thinkin about making my 350MHz K6-2 a 24x7 Linux server.

Maybe when my new comp arrives

Crashed_Again 06-02-2003 09:04 AM

These are the kind of stories that bring a tear to my eye. I love the fact that Linux can use old P1 or P2 machines, that people are junking, as servers.

/me grabs a tissue

MasterC 06-02-2003 09:08 AM

I know! I bought, what would normally be bare bones for w98, all the fixins for my server for less than the cost of a 2 large pizzas. That combined with the new domain name I bought, which cost less than 2 double quarter pounders with cheese, and...

Mmm... Cheese... *MasterC wonders what he was saying as he drools about cheese...



kazuni 06-02-2003 09:49 AM

haha awesome, isn't it great to be able to use old hardware? :)

Crashed_Again 06-02-2003 09:53 AM

I just can't find any old machines. They have really cheap ones on but the shipping makes it not worth it. You can get a 500mhz machine for 70 bucks but its 60 bucks for shipping.

Maybe I should hit up garage sales or something.

static_matt 06-13-2003 11:34 PM

cool, I was wondering how i might go about doing that. I have a cheap system i bought for $90 and have Slackware-current install with KDE. I am completely new to linux and was wondering how I would set up Apache and all that fun stuff. :newbie: The system is

Old HP Vectra VE
64 Megs RAM
333Mhz processor
3Gig IDE harddrive

I'm only looking to set up a simple low bandwidth server since I'm only hooked up to a cable internet line, (that would have a low downstream bandwidth, wouldn't it??) I want all the major web technologies (PHP, CGI, SSI, Perl), but nothing like Frontpage.

I also want to set up FTP on my system. Please help.

darin3200 06-14-2003 10:16 AM

Congrats, I'm just starting on my own. Only a 200 with 32mb ram with no harddrive that I got for $10 so it should be interesting. Cool, you even did a network install. :D

Artimus 06-14-2003 06:03 PM

For any of those interested, I managed to get an install of Slack 8.1 up without a CDRom drive. Since my system had like 7 partitions, I downloaded all of the packages to one of them, did the standard floppy install and said install packages from a premounted directory. When I was done, I turned that partition into home.

Uptime of 11 days ^_^

darin3200 06-14-2003 06:14 PM

cool, i got to start doing that. Since december I have gone through an entire 50 stack of cd's and only 5 of them have been something other then isos. Nice uptime. I have never really tried to leave mine on a long time. Generic fans, very loud. :D

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