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mrmnemo 01-20-2010 08:34 AM

Home Network: solution found...i think
Just wanted to share a solution ( i think) to an issue i have seen people ( self included ) having with LAN transfer from win to linux on a local LAN. After doing alot of googleing and getting some refs to MTU settings, along with some other over thought solutions the culprit in my case was MTU.

It would appear that some routers ( ISP provided in particular ) have some rather funky MTU reqs. With linux the MTU path discovery seems to work....guess with XP it causes an issue ( would love some feedback here )? So, after running ping with a few diff packet sizes to see where the router boog up i got 1492( that INCLUDES the overhead ). Once i reset the MTU ON THE WIN BOX to 1492 and rebooted LAN speeds improved dramatically. No changes made to Linux box ( running over wireless g )

my network:
//WIN 7 laptop
//WIN XP desk
//Linux desk
all LAN speeds seem to be the same across all workstations now.

Code snippets for the win boxes:

###start with 1500 - 28 with frag turned off
ping -f -l 1472

the above will get you to your ideal MTU for your LAN. drop 1472 by 20 and raise by 2 until you hit your max MTU. since this is linuxquestions and NOT windowsquestions i will just assume that everyone can google the rest ( i.e: setting a value in regedit )

KEY POINT: turn OFF auto in the duplexing settings for the nic on the win box.

Hope this helps!!

MrCode 01-21-2010 06:24 PM

You should have this moved to the Member Success Stories forum, that way it'll (hopefully) get more views. :)

Just hit "Report" and for the reason you can just put "move to [insert forum name here]" or something like that.

mrmnemo 01-21-2010 09:51 PM

reported the thread and requested the move.. thanks

By the way, does that seem to be correct to you? Would putting the linux box to master increase the LAN speed more you think?

mrmnemo 01-21-2010 09:53 PM


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