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nocturnal 06-13-2003 03:43 PM

Converted for life
i just installed slack after using redhat and debian(where i could not get a working x server due to odd hardware) and now i wanted to compile my own kernel and i wanted to do it from my redhat partion onto another partion, well turned out redhat did not have any of the commands i needed like mkswap, mk2fs and so on.
so i got fed up and decided to take a shot at slackware since i never tried the new 9.0 and i thought maybe it would be different from the failure i had with 8.1(i think can't remember)
and even before i had a x server up slack surprised me not only with a "made for dummies" install that fit me perfect but also with the fact that you can have high resolution before x even starts and that little penguin at boot was so cute and then when i got x up and running with no major problems and saw how fast gnome was supposed to be(old redhat user remember) i also noticed that not only did my sound work but it worked in all 4 surround speakers and the bass speaker(on redhat 9 my sound didn't work at all after i upgraded from 8)

so since i couldn't find the user success stories forum i just wanted to let everyone know that all 4 speakers work in slack(i've seen lots of ppl have problems with this) and that slack owns me prolly forever now

Azmeen 06-13-2003 09:31 PM

Bravo my fellow Slacker :)

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