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Vi3GameHkr 01-08-2011 09:34 PM

Compiz works, cleaned out my /home folder, and screwed up system
One problem I have had for.. ever since I got Ubuntu 10.10 is Compiz having problems. Namely, the title bars wouldn't show up when Compiz was enabled. I had asked people quite a bit in a couple of different irc channels, I had a forum thread on the Ubuntu forums where I also read every known solution to the problem I was having (which quite a few other people have had the same symptoms)

Something I meant to do for.. ever since I moved my /home folder to a new partition was to clean out my /home folder (I had lots of junk files that I never used and probably won't ever need)

Well recently, I found this folder called /home/_ and I thought it was taking up extra space because suddenly my /home partition was filled up. At the time I was also compiling a few pieces of software from scratch, and I didn't realize how big they would end up being. Well I removed the /home/_ folder which consequently removed everything from my /home folder for some stupid reason.

After basically deleting my /home folder, Compiz started working and now there isn't anything in /home to clean... I cleaned it with one fatal command. Not to worry as the most important files I needed were stored on Dropbox.

Anyways, now to reconfigure all my applications >.< I've got a whole 9 months or more of custom configurations that I have slowly added onto... Oh geez.

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