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Satriani 05-29-2003 07:29 AM

Being my own provider, Finally thanks to linux
Since you all want to here the success stories about linux:

After spending hours (Yes, not even weeks) of configuring and reading, I setup a complete "internet-server". When i started, i knew almost nothing about linux.
It's only fair to say that i had experience with server architecture and webservices on NT.

I primarely used the internet as a resource and I bought two books about linux.

Now I can say, I am basically my own provider:
my own mailserver, also handling mail for some of my friends.
Webserver with several virtual-hosts, using php and mysql
Samba server

As soon as this worked, I requested a domain-name, and since then I handle all work myself. So, What's the use of my provider, other then just giving me access to the internet?

So, to all others who think linux is too difficult: It's not. It's a matter of reading. Okay, I must admit some things I still can't figure out..
So help is appreciated:

And with some help of this forum, I manage to run an excellent server. I am now trying to use linux as a desktop, (next to windows) and it seems to be working fine. Although i think configuring as a desktop with all my specific needs is much more difficult then running as a server. But I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!!!

What's the point of this post? Three reasons
1: I feel proud of myself for accomplishing this, and wanted to share this with the rest of the world! :D
2: Stimulate others to use linux as well, and thus helping it become a more common OS. Not that I now completely hate windows. Far from that. But I am glad there is a good alternative for the PC.
3: Thank all of you in this forum who helped me in the right direction, or even gave the complete answer.



AIC 05-29-2003 11:14 AM

What you are doing with your server is exactly the direction I am going. Setting up an running all this is a great way to learn.

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