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ElPuello 10-15-2004 06:20 AM

AltGr-key on debian-ppc working!
I finally got the Alt-Gr key working on debian-ppc dist after months of copying and pasting the @-character!!! I had to edit the very core of X keyboard geometry but I did it! :D :D :D

J_stuart 10-21-2004 05:18 PM

I have just installed debian sarge and i am having the same problem. i am using kde right now and my 'Alt Gr' key is totally ignored. I know i have my xconfiguration correctly because i use a xfree86config file which was backed up from a previous installation of woody (i think). but this key doesn't work
How did you do to make it work.
thank you

ElPuello 10-26-2004 01:58 PM

Well, it's pretty simple really once you do it.

The main problem I was facing was that the damn box wouldn't accept my apple-key as a key with two states(pressed or unpressed). When using xev, pressing and holding shift for instance would give a state 0x1, and when releasing state 0x0. Anyway, the apple key didn't have states, so when pressing and holding it, it behaved like I was pressing it continuously (like holding down a character key).

The way to solve this problem is make xkb believe that the apple key is actually an altgr key. I think you should edit /etc/X11/xkb/geometry/machintosh and look for a place where it says:

top= 77;
keys { { <LCTL>, "LCTL" }, { <LALT>, "LALT" },
{ <OPT>, "OPT" },
{ <SPCE>, "SPCE" },
{ <RMTA>, "RMTA" },
{ <RALT>, "RALT" }, { <RCTL>, "RCTL" }

Now replace OPT(I think it says OPT, mayby it says LMTA I can't remember) with ALGR both places and try out xev - your key should now be with pressed/unpressed states.(Although strangely enough instead of giving 0x0 for unpressed, it gives 0x2000 - but who cares, it works!)

Now what remains is to bind Mode_Switch to your key using xmodmap, and making it load at startup. Reply if you need any help doing this! :)

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