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aliris 10-30-2010 09:47 PM

Wow; opacity....
Hi all! I only intended to post a brief intro, but I must say, I've never had such trouble figuring out how to post on a board... anyway, water under the bridge: I trust this will go through now. Please note, administrators, that it's a little difficult to figure out where to go and how to make a first post though...

I'm a linux newbie, a bash newbie, new to everything that's not GUI in fact. Not quite true, I've "programmed" SAS and Stata and various statistical packages and years and years ago was a very bad Basic programmer. My motivation now is having reformatted on top of an iphoto library of 30K images and needing to rescue data from the ext HD. So far this has taken an entire week devoted to nothing but. Etc... the rest is too boring to detail. But it has become clear I need to learn how to write scripts and this isn't as obvious to me as I wish. So... I am becoming an official linux newbie. Thanks for the forum. I'm on a macbook pro, BTW (and *RUING* the day I bought it and switched from my former, beloved macbook. There was a *reason* that new computer sat in its box for over a month. major-mega-grump).

GrapefruiTgirl 10-30-2010 10:01 PM

Hi there, welcome to LQ!

New computer, sort of like a new car huh? Looks nice, smells nice, but you haven't got the feel of it yet.. Can't yet call it "trusty". :)

Well, glad you figured out how to make a post. If there's something particular you found difficult (or couldn't find) after you joined up and were trying to figure out how to post, please consider making a suggestion in the "Suggestions & Feedback" forum if you have any ideas how we can improve things and make them easier to find.

You may find this area helpful too, as a new member:

Enjoy LQ, welcome aboard!

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