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TDice 11-25-2012 01:44 PM

TDice here
Hello everyone! My name is Travis Dice, and I love Linux. I fell in love with it while taking a required class. But i still only know a little about it and i would love to learn more!

I am school kind of... But i am going to school for Information System Security. Struggling with school right now, I am looking to learn different thing and better things. My background was a gamer who knew nothing about computer but what was needed to play games and so now everything is going over my head. But anyways...

Stuff i learned so far is just some RedHat stuff and i tried using BackTrack and yeah i got lost fast lol.

Right now i have 3 computer running in my room. Laptop running win7 (Had vmware with linux but it expired). all-in-one pc running xubuntu. And a desktop running Windows server 2008 (I will put linux on it when i learn more.)

Things i would like to learn:
Hacking (Not for fun, for security so i can pentest my own computers and on my network to see what I need to fix)
Coding (know nothing)
Programing (Know Almost nothing)
scripting (Know very little)
Servers (Know very little almost nothing)
And ever you guys think i should learn :)

I will learn anything and everything that is needed.

I hope I can learn some stuff and make some new friends!


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