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getkailashkamble 10-27-2008 02:00 AM

rhce official book of rh253 exam
hi, i have try to find the [REMOVED] official book on the net but i can't find it. if any body is able to give it's ebook/pdf than i am very thankful to him. does it possible to get it from red hat office of india branch at mumbai. [REMOVED]

unSpawn 10-27-2008 03:33 AM

Some things are only available from the vendor or through resellers or other representatives. If something is only available through certain channels there's a good reason for it. Trying to undermine that does not belong at LQ. The forum rules do not permit asking for pirated copies of anything.
Please read the LQ Rules if you want to remain a valuable member of the LQ community.
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