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meows 01-15-2013 12:24 AM

Restarting Centos 5.8 server
Tried to get a centos server going a few years ago with a XP box to attempt to learn how to run it. Well I lost that battle. Too much real life, interfeared. So this time I took parts from dead machines and put together a stand alone centos 5.8 system. I stuck with the centos5 series as I had used the 5.2 build last time and I never trust new releases of any software since DOS 4.2.

So far I have installed it 5 times. the first time I used the Motherboard video that Linux does not have drivers for and the screen was 1024x1024 and on a 14 inch screen that is very small print.
2-3 was getting a video card that would work. Found a Win95 PCI that did the trick. THen It was getting internet access for the last 2 installs. Now it is working. (kinda) Now to get my 3 domains ( - - ) working in Apache and I will be a happy camper.

I attempt to make Computer Video games. Actually I am published and have 5 games on the market. Three are so so games and 2 are pretty good and one won a gamemaker award. I came in 4th place. I set up this system to try and find a way to market the games.

I revisited Linuxquestions to find the answers I need to get this all running proper like. As my stint with apache on a XP was hacked and I had to trash the system. Now I need to connect the Centos box with my 3 windows box's. one win7 the other 2 XP.

Have a Blessed day.

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