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katjawoo 09-11-2003 06:24 PM

Northern newbie

My name is Katie and I'm new to Linux and new to the board. I've been wanting to install Linux for some time, but after things went awry last week during an attempt to upgrade my archaic PC to handle a CD-ROM burner + DVD player, I figured "screw it, I'm going to just install it now." Had a friend download and burn the Mandrake 9.1 ISOs for me and now I'm slowly getting up to speed.

Things will be more painless once I can figure out how to get my modem to behave. As it stands, I'm writing this from the neighborhood public library computer lab. But it looks slick, and I'm delighted at how easy it was to get my Visor PDA up and running with the system. I'm really trying to do this without making my linux-enabled friends come over and help me, but if necessary I will ply them with beer and pizza.

Oh yeah. I live in Minnesota. Go Twins!

That's it for now. Time to cruise the archives!


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