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ScooterC 02-25-2006 11:06 AM

Newbie, who likes Unbuntu
Linux Newbie.
I like the Ubuntu distro.
I've only used the "live" CD, but am impressed. I've got a lot more reading to do.

The "talk" has alluded me. It reminded me of the 'ole Apple II days. Writing programs was a necessity. But I quit programming, when I could afford a really good system (Amiga, with graphic interface). Then the PC.
It has been 20+ years with Microsoft, but things in the Microsoft World are getting much too expensive and complicated for my needs. I have no complaints, Microsoft has been good for me.
BUT .....
Open-Source software has almost replaced everything, except for three critical areas; the OS, CAD and music (my hobby).

I'm a Misc. Metals Detailer (CAD) and Project Manager by trade & and a amateur Web Designer.
These two worlds are my working life. I tell you this so you understand my point of view.
I am unable at this point to let go of Microsoft (MS) because I need it to make a living.
I have run trouble shooting (MS) at many companies to earn my way.

I am having a lot of trouble with the Linux lingo and protocol.
It is an alien world to me at this point, but it is constantly pulling at me with intrigue and possibilities.
I understand from several articles (WIKI) that Ubuntu is probably not the best choice for me, but I like there community spirit.
I need to be (at the very least) a "high schooler", not a "kindergartener" in the Linux world, before I CAN let go of MS.
There are SO MANY "flavors" and too many directions to go in!
I need to go in the direction of my livelihood, but there are no beginner books for the computer savvy. No general comparisons between the two OSs.
I don't even know where to look for software that is exclusive to Linux AND in my fields of interest!

XavierP 02-25-2006 11:49 AM

Hi and welcome to LQ :D

jerril 02-25-2006 12:14 PM

You're on the right track.
Hi ScooterC;

Any change is difficult. There is a lot to learn about a new environment. Getting off to a start in Linux is probably harder than others.

The thing is: learn as much as you can with one distribution; probably the first one that does most of the things you want is best. You would need a lot of time, patients and dedication to give each distro a thorough try.

Good Luck
and welcome

rmakers 02-25-2006 12:50 PM

Once you get something installed most of the software finding can be done through software repos (apt/urpmi depending on distrobution), If what your looking for doesn't come up, stop by LQ again and ask, someone should know where to find it. I have mandriva on this laptop and I just installed ubuntu on my desktop the other day, ubuntu looks nice, but I prefer KDE over gnome, so I think I'm gonna try kbuntu.

w_r_cromwell 02-25-2006 09:42 PM

Hi Scooter,

And welcome. I'm new here, too. It took quite a while for me to switch to linux. I still have to deal with windows....just part of life if you are paid to work with computers. There are lot of applications for linux. Probably all the bases you mentioned are covered. You might have more trouble choosing than finding.

Comparing windows and linux is useful only to the extent that it helps you learn. They aren't really the same and that justifies having both. I know I could be tortured for heresy by some people but thats just how it is. I have taken a quick look around and I think you will find a lot of help here. Good luck and have fun along the way.


cjm5229 02-26-2006 07:39 AM

Hi Scooter, I've been using Ubuntu for about 4-5 months now, I guess the thing I like about it the best is that it is truly "Free" Most of the other distros want you to subscribe to something to get updates or software but Ubuntu is Free. The new Dapper Drake version of Ubuntu will be coming out in final release in April, It is really looking promising. Check out, it is a great place for learning about Ubuntu.
Good Luck.

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