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Zedz 11-16-2011 07:56 PM

New to Linux. Where should I start?
Hello world! As the title states, I am new to Linux. I have always had a great interest in computers and only really started to get to get into the interesting stuff (i.e. Linux) once starting a software development course at college. I made friends with a guy in my class who is very advanced in Linux and the things he can do just amazes me.

However, great as his skills may be he lacks adequate teaching skills. It isn't that he is ignorant; but being able to teach and instruct is a skill that not every one possesses. This is what brings me to this fine website.

I have browsed through various threads and I find it hugely interesting! (if my lingo is wrong please feel free to point out; as I am new to posting on a forum based site).

So moving on... I use linux in one of my classes which is called COS2 (Computer operating systems 2). In this class everything we do is Linux based although we have only done basic things e.g. creating usergroups, adding and deleting files, creating user passwds etc... And i was wondering where would be best to start expanding my Linux interests! Naturally, I would like to start at the beginning, but there is just so much information out there I'm not really sure where 'the beginning' is!

So the moral of that short story (*jokes*) is that I am looking for some information about where would be a good place to start building on my small knowledge. Any books, websites, threads etc would be excellent!

In addition, I am particularly interested in networking and security; perhaps this narrow down some results!

Kind regards,

Zeds :)

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