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amrah 08-11-2010 09:34 PM

New to Linux
HI Guys, I am trying to install Linux in my company as currently we are heaviliy using windows and as you all have predicted, very costly.
I am currently trying to install a fedora 9..but encounter input not supported problem. I will check in forum later....Thanx for all you help....

RBHemming 08-13-2010 09:56 PM

also new to linux
Hi, I am new to linux, using Puppy and Ubuntu. Unbuntu on my laptop as the 2d OS and Puppy on a USB stick for fun!
Took a week's vacation last Spring and swore off the use of Windows XP for a week, went through withdrawal!
I was fascinated by the progress of Unix into Linux since the early 90's, about the last time I tried Unix.
Got an almost free Caldera at a yard sale, but was intimidated by it.
Started out on CP/M in 1979 along with HDOS. In 1987, went to ZDos then to MS-DOS, all the way up to XP. Fought using 95 until 98 came out. Always waited a few years and at least until service pack 2 on anything before "upgrading." Got the laptop with Vista Home, and immediately retroed it to XP.
Refuse to use Vista or 7.
Love Apple OS all the way through 9. Also love how MAC OS will allow way too many "windows" to be parked on the taskbar. I try it with XP and it will crash after about 10 or so.
I have resigned myself to the anti virus slowdown, whereby the AV program takes a 2.1 Ghz machine and slows it down to about the speed of an 800 mHz Pentium.
I really miss the BBS system. Got sick of all the scum & porn on UseNet.
Am looking forward to many happy experiences with Linux.
I am starting to bore you all, so goodbye for now.

Vincent Yang 08-14-2010 02:33 AM

Hi Guys, I am come from China. This is my first the site. I have installed fedora 10 in Vmware Workstation. Thank you for you help.

sem007 08-14-2010 02:36 AM

Hello amrah, RBHemming, Vincent Yang

Warm wel-come to LQ.

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