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polpak 03-16-2011 03:27 AM

New @forum... couple years using openSUSE then Suse Linux Enterprise 10 then 11
Am NON-technical user, despite 30 years on computers !

OK can usually figure things out, takes a while due head injury memory problems...

Just over 3 years ago, started considering switch to Linux, couple of years with different Windows, after IBM OS/2 was disappointing, all better than DOS, my own original pc was Texas Instruments around 1982.

Considered several versions Linux, some looked good, some not so good - meaning they wanted more technical knowledge applied more often to get things to work at time my Linux technical undertanding around zero...

Tried openSUSE 10 found it easy to install with no issues to do anything or update, so stuck with it.

Later switched to Suse Linux Enterprise 10 as appreciated support provided prior - and since by Novell.

Last December updated to Suse Linux Enterprise 11.

Occasionally work with other linux versions, usually when others call me with their computer problems. Managed to get several older pcs to work fine for owners using Puppy ;-)

LIKE to learn how set up so install and run Linux from a memory stick, so when away and forced onto other pcs can use their processor to online without problems to their HDs.

LIKE: lists of top 10 available desktop then laptops in each country, with whichever versions they can install and run with no tinkering required !


Larry Webb 03-16-2011 06:20 AM

Hi and welcome to LQ.

I have made a couple of usb live sticks and just built one from scratch (without distro build app.). They are an easy way to carry a live distro when some of the laptops do not come with optic drives.

polpak 03-17-2011 01:51 AM

We NON-technical types look forward to finding some simple instructions to have/create our own usb live distro boot and use sticks :-)

Challenge is to find a way to make departmental Windows7 laptops useable with Linux without altering their hard drives or their being "locked down and sealed".

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