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dungeonmasterShu 11-16-2006 01:37 AM

My Introduction
Howdy all

I'm pretty much a Linux newbie, and have chosen Mandriva as my distro of choice... Mainly cos the people i know who use linux use this distro - easy help source (when they're not busy).

I can't offer to much help and require a fair bit myself, but as i learn i will become more useful to the Mandriva forum. For now i'm going to be asking a lot of questions.

zhjim 11-16-2006 01:44 AM

Hidi How, dungeonmaster

and welcome to the show.

Just a bit of an advice. Did you check out for a great list of tutorials, so some of your questions might be answered before hand and also if you want to answer question from the not so 'Willing to read people' .

Greets Zhjim

dungeonmasterShu 11-16-2006 02:34 AM

Thanx, i will check it out.

Just to give everyone an idea of my hardware...

MANDRIVA 2006 / WinXP (Dual Boot)
Dell Latitude C810 notebook (Model no. PP01X)
integrated ir, graphics, sound, 2x USB, LAN&Modem
1x serial port
1x parallel port
1x vga port
DVD (read only)
3.5" floppy
40 gig hdd

2x Vantec nexstar 3 3.5" hard drive enclosure USB 2.0 interface
1x 15gig Western Digital Parallel ATA (IDE) - RED
1x 250gig Seagate Parallel ATA (IDE) - BLACK

1x ChronoS CD-509-U2 5.25 External Enclosure
1x LG DVD-RW (Dual-Layer)

I collect music (my CD's only get used 1ce, to rip to mp3), i dj sometimes with my pevey CS1200X & 4x 15" spkrs. So i have my music collection on the 250gig drive, the DVD-RW drive allows me to backup should the 250 gig screw up. I carry an EXT3 windows driver on my flashdisk for connectivity to windows.

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