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Sspopeyem 05-14-2019 02:47 PM

My first experience with Linux
Hallo everyone out there I would like to share my experience with Linux after about two month.
I have a Dell i7567 with Nvidia 1050Ti i5 16Gb and two SSD's and I come from Windows 10.
Looked for an easy entrance into the Linux-World and started off with Linux Mint Cinnamon, which worked great until my first freeze two days later. System did not react and even powering off/on did not resolve positive. Looked around again and tried various systems, Ubuntu - Fedora - Open Suse - Deepin. Most of them installed without problems until reboot and then they froze as well. Ended up with Manjaro KDE and never had any problems so far. Manjaro installed automatically all necessary drivers from Bumblebee and system runs smooth. Greatly satisfied with options to configure DE to my liking.
About 5 weeks past and I had the urge to try to install Arch Linux and guess what - I did it without problems. Searched the Web and found welcomed info in "Average Linux User" how to install Arch and from "Linux M0nk3ys" how to install bumblbee and all successfully. But three days later installed back Manjaro because of all packages I needed without looking around. I guess I'm not ready yet for working with Arch Linux, well will keep on learning.
Yesterday I tried to install Antergos but without any success; couldn't even make my choice on Boot screen to install from USB. Every time it said missing files !
Finally read in some post to select install from DVD and hello it worked. But even if Manjaro runs without any problems I couldn't install Antergos. Guess my Video Settings don't work well with Installation of Antergos or the installer is bad as it freezes on trying to install; had to power off every time.
So, back to Manjaro KDE Plasma and happy to have made the switch from Windows 10.

Thought I let you know of my experience trying to find the right Linux that works very well on my system. Thanks to all the authors for all the published information which helped me a lot.
Have a nice day :)

linustalman 05-15-2019 04:40 AM

Greetings Sspopeyem. :hattip:

greencedar 05-15-2019 05:14 AM

Hello and welcome to the forum Sspopeyem!

Sspopeyem 05-15-2019 02:40 PM

Antergos install
Thanks for the welcome guys :redface:

Today I had another go trying to install Antergos 19.4
For me it worked like this: on bootscreen select install from dvd (but the iso was on usb) in install options select base install (no gnome, kde, etc otherwise system will freeze again). This worked for me, suppose something is not right with the installer.
But I am back on Manjaro with kde plasma.

Have a nice day :hattip:

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