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Karl Godt 03-21-2010 02:47 PM

[SOLVED] Moin Moin from Kalle living in Kiel , Germany
Moin Moin and Hi to everyone !
My full name is Karl Reimer Godt and I am from Germany.
I hope , my english is acceptable to everyone.
To introduce my being here is perhaps pretty normal ; but to me it is excitement mixed with little chaos.
I am confident to install Linux-Distributions and started with SuSE6.2 somewhat in the years between 2002 and let´s say 2005. This was necessary because I got an used PC with a windows98 OS and by erasing some Command and Conquer Game Files to get some more space on that 810MB SCSI-Disk including the windows command.(?com?)-file ! (I really can not remember the file-extension anymore.) Commands like I think fdisk and format and fs and a partitioning command were "dally" words to me , but I can not remember exactly ...:scratch:
I used to work with linux and tried many programs mostly on KDE-Desktop.
Somewhat the installation of many distributions get more and more difficult because of bugs ; not recognizing the mouse or no possibility to add a mouse by keyboard like all aurox from version Storm (I think it was 8.4) to Quicksilver (10.?):cry:
And also the great YAST and Sax by SuSE seems to become more and more uncomfortable.:Pengy::scratch::cry:
Today I stumbled in here because I was looking for some help on Konsole and Bash on my 4GB Quantum Bigfoot SuSE 9.2 Professional doing my first steps in C-Programming. That machine is not on the Internet due to cable wreckage somewhere between cellar and the 20th floor I live on.:scratch:
So I use an Asus Eee 1005HAG win7starer and an Acer Extensa 5230E winVHB with UMTS to communicate.
I hope I have posted enough information to be validated easily by everyone.
So let´s get started
Karl Reimer Godt
There are some more mail-addresses @live , aim , gmail f.ex and Thunderbird fetches them very well . The complete list of my eMail-accounts is written somewhere on my site and is not difficult to find .

GrapefruiTgirl 03-21-2010 02:53 PM

Hello Karl! Willkommen im LQ :)

Your English appears perfectly adequate to me, and I expect most people will have little trouble understanding you, so no worries there!

May I suggest however, that to minimize the opportunity for spam-bots to get your email address from your posts, you do not put your email address into your post? You can put your contact information in your profile, and include all the email addresses you like, and it will save you some SPAM. ;)

Thanks for the introduction -- enjoy the forums!


Karl Godt 03-21-2010 05:03 PM

Thank you very much for Inventation
[QUOTE=GrapefruiTgirl;3906784]Hello Karl! Willkommen im LQ :)

Thank you very much for being invited !
Dank Du viel sehr für sein eingeladen!

Vielen Dank (dafür) , eingeladen zu sein !
Many thanks (therefor) , invited to be !

I am used to find a pad already written and I am used to it since I created a profile at LinkedIN in January. Since that month (exactly 29/30/31 of December - depending on how to see it (Date of Contract , Date of First Browsing and so on)) I am truely new at the Internet itself , not to computers . This is the first time I erased the writing (nearly completely) . To me it is a little hard to understand this kind of presentation of an answer-note-pad .
Before I never erased the writing and sended it whole back with my writing ... But I think it is somewhat unuseful especially if the conversation gets more and more ...
I really do not know how other people use to handle this .. At LinkedIn
the most persons I had conversation with - mainly because of Q´n`A - did not erase the writing before ...
I also have no experience about the amount or percentage of Internet-Users doing it this way or that way .. May I ask you (or is it You in letters ?) how you prefer it or better how you handle this ?

The word "Bot" is somehow new to me. I only know it by trying Chameleon Browser somehow introducing me to the Search-Engine or -Site called "HotBot" .
I do not fear spam anymore because my second UMTS-provider vodafone-D2 threw me full with 365 Feeds by vodafone-arcor at one day ....:scratch:
The best way is to put them to mail-accounts with the cross- or hook-boxes next to the mail-lines like excite, aol or yahoo have .
Unfortunately these 365 feeds went to winLive ....:tisk:
That would take me a day to wipe a litte ...

Thanks´for invitation and good advice !

But now I have to surf around for the keyshortcut that showed me all 2888 possibilities of konsole input beginning with -:! and ending with znew zsh zsoelim ... ? Do you have an answer ?

Tomorrow I want to listen to a 2-days-introduction to html and css after I spent the last week listening to c and c++ .
And to my ashame I have to read everything perhaps two or three times more to understand more than the first 10% .
The only thing I could program would be like

/* this is hello to everyone at */
main()/* also int main() *//* buggy char main() */
{printf("HELLO LQ-PEOPLE ! \n");/* return; *//* return 0; *//* return;{};/* buggy return;void; */}
save as pHelloLQ.c
cd Documents/
gcc pHelloLQ.c -o pHelloLQ.exe
./ pHelloLQ.exe
and how to get back from home/kalle/documents to home/kalle I don´t know .. crazy ..
My interests now are also about how to decompile a compiled script to get more involved in that source-code-dvd that is part of my distribution .

Always a good eye !
Karl Reimer Godt

GrapefruiTgirl 03-21-2010 05:19 PM

Just a few points regarding what you wrote above:

1) I don't fully understand the first bit, about the "pad" and the references to LinkedIn, and about "erasing the writing", but in case I understand a little bit: you can edit your posts by clicking the EDIT button near the lower right corner, if you need to change what you have written. Maybe this is not what you're referring to, so perhaps more clarification is needed :)

2) You can configure your LQ profile by visiting this link:
and you can add email addresses, put your website, and more.

3) When referring to a person, "you" is correct, not "You", unless the word is at the beginning of a sentence. ;) -- otherwise, there is no need to capitalize the word 'you'.

4) A "bot" in the context I wrote it, refers to an automated program, something like a search engine, which crawls around the internet looking for things. For example, Google uses a "google-bot" to scan the internet looking for information to reference in its search engine. A "spam-bot" is not so useful: it crawls around the net looking for email addresses, which it collects and gives to its owner (a spammer). The spammer then either sells the email address list to a spam-sending company, or goes ahead and sends his own spam.
If you are not afraid of getting lots of junk email, you can leave your email address in your post; but, it's generally good practice to do ones best to NOT get spam. Again, if you're not concerned, or you have good spam filters, then by all means, if you want to post your email address, go ahead.

5) To get your console history displayed in one big shot, try hitting ESCAPE a few times. I find this is a reliable way to get the shell to ask you if you want to see all 447587 possibilities!

6) How to get back to your home folder from some other location? Try these:

shell$ cd


shell$ cd ~

both should put you back to your home folder.

I hope this helps some, and if you like, if there's anything you still don't understand, such as something to do with that "erase the writing" part and the "pad", go ahead and try explaining it again; one of us will eventually figure it out, or you will discover the answer before we do :D


Karl Godt 03-21-2010 07:07 PM

Thanks !
To try to find some better words for understanding the 'Pad' : There are of course at least two ways of start to explain like beginning with objective and subjective history .
Personal history means subjective history and my history starts with the windows 98 Notepad . To me everything relatively simple compared to Open Office or MS Word is simply 'Pad'.
I hope I do not embarrass [(Webster`s student dictionairy) (great I´m right)] you by calling this cin just 'Pad'. Kate and Kwrite are 'Pads' to me and this GUI in this Website-Page also . (Uh, I could have gone advanced ...)(chaos)...
And my only mouse is at the Linux-machine... helvede(scand. Hell)...-whats the word... touchpad... coffee-pad... rouge-pad <- these all I don´t mean .
And linkedIn was the first network that I joined intuitively that day windows offered me somehow automatically Mail-Program, SkyDrive, Profile and (germ adresse-I have to watch out about inklude and such typing messes... here no icons... and there was also facebook and hyves and I think myspace and three or four other networks...
and at facebook and myspace I got also a profile but I visit it only once every two month because also of no idea, no time and and all this password-paranoia ... ((I was in mental hospital and I know what I am talking about ...)
All these good people since Hitler trying to help you but just helping themselves (Satan to god : Let me take away all of HIOBs wives, children and money ... And OBAMA-Health ? I do not know ... Somehow WEB (World English Bible) at Sarge (SARG=germ COFFIN) told me there was a king someday somewhere looking for healing by doctors and not by god ... )looks like buggy brackets ...

And the Linux-machine is up again ... 266MHz ...

And the cause is : The ESC-Key wants to be pressed down with might otherwise it doesn´t feel the touch or fingerprint !
And only one time ; hard but hearty !
Konsole now : 2912 possibilities
Root Console : 3725 possibilities
Great !!
And what is X Terminal saying :
pressing 2 times ESC fast !
Possibilities : 2912
Great !!
This was well educated help !!

Thank you very much ! I love you all !

Have I forgotten something ? Ah yes, this cd-thing ...

ragna@linux:~>cd c-kurs/


Great ! I love you all !
/* cd~ command not found .. cd ~ works ! */
/* watch the parse and syntax .. */

smeezekitty 03-21-2010 07:38 PM

verfasste foren nicht klar.
(^^ That post was not clear oh and i suck bad at german)

Karl Godt 04-24-2010 03:49 PM

Thought that «newbee» would be the «introduction»-area that is "hidden" somewhat down the «Forums»-area.
If there are so many new visitors who become newbee/member each day that button should be better visible in the top-area of «Forums».
You may move it to «introduction».

All the best !

TheIndependentAquarius 05-17-2010 05:37 AM

Well Karl, it is your birthday today,
Happy birthday to you !

Karl Godt 06-06-2010 03:05 PM

Thank You Anisha ! :hattip::hattip::hattip::hattip:

Some days are like this

but there is the good news that i managed to get two en/us keyboards which is not easy here ; most salesman fear that they get not sold enough of these .
One is a CHERRY (made in germany :banghead: ) PS2 and one a DELL USB with two further USB but not enough power for cardreaders but additional knobs mainly for media players

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