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rutbug 03-31-2012 11:22 AM

Migrating to Ubuntu
I am a Win/DOS guy brought up from a Trash-80/CPM environment, tinkered with RedHat 5 in 2000, and almost ready to migrate to Ubuntu on a laptop.

My research efforts began last quarter 2011 to find apps and convert my intellectual property (files) to the target environment.

Many files were ready for porting, some were not: PageMaker, VISIO 1.0, and accounting, to name a few.

I have found software replacements for almost everything, a few must run under Wine (Garmin update, VisualFoxPro6--converting prg to j-code, NotetabLite).

For files not ready to port, I wrote some j-code to handle conversion (such as PageMaker via its scripting), other file types simply needed some rework (such as VISIO -> OOo Draw). All I have left is to write the final phase conversion for pex files (pagemaker export, an xml format) into the Scribus xml format.

I've installed some GNU apps that also work on the Win platform to become familiar with and so ease the learning curve.

I am looking forward to hardware portability and a less anti-virus cluttered world.

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