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Georules 12-17-2003 10:57 PM

Long time reader, First time hello
Hello, I am Geo and I have used many times in the past to find solutions to my linux problems. Just wanted to start off by saying thanks for running this site and helping me get into linux early so I can understand things as they progress and become easier.

I am currently trying to figure a way to convert my mom and sister's computers to linux because they load so much adware on thier windows xp computers that they get 10 popups just by opening Internet Explorer. "I NEVER install anything I don't know, it's not MY fault!" they say... heh.

Well I am currently using Libranet 2.8 (debian) and interested in Mandrakemove.... mandrake 8.1 was my first, and I have tried most all of the big names since. If it wasn't for Adobe Premire (I make some films and things with my friends for fun ( and playing games, I would be 100% linux myself, but I don't want to pay for transgaming winex or some full windows emulator.

Thanks again, and I hope I can start helping some people.

Mara 12-18-2003 01:02 PM

Hello Geo and welcome!

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