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Kcplus 01-23-2006 05:02 PM

Let me introduce myself
Hi folks,

I'm a middle-aged "boy", still suffering from his midlife-crisis.

For some years now i've been a satellite-TV-freak and i like "clear" views :D .

Not entirely new to linux (i have encountered linux on several satellite-stboxes) i would now like to get seriously involved linux-based-pc's.

I bought myself a new pc and i'm setting this system up in my homenetwork as a file- and cardserver.

Well, it's not at all that simple (getting samba up and running is my first problem) but with the help of this forum (i know: i first have to read a lot ;) ) i'm sure i'll reach my goals.

Just installed Suse 9.3 (have worked with 8.2, 9.0 and 9.2 before) and this package is running O.K. (some bugs though) One has to really start somewhere..........


kvedaa 01-23-2006 09:54 PM


You provide us all a reminder that linux is popping up all around us, even in places that we might not think about (has anyone noticed how many phones are running linux now a days?).

Good luck with your new adventures!

Mara 01-24-2006 12:50 PM

Welcome to LQ!

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