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mgstevens 12-23-2012 12:14 AM

It's Never Too Late...(hopefully)
Just turned 52 yesterday and decided to take the plunge and do the work needed to learn the command line. I want to spend more time in the power of Linux and somewhat less in the cozy but somewhat walled garden of the Mac (been mostly Apple user for 32 years).

I volunteer at our local community radio station and they need some good solid audio, volunteer and file management systems. I have been toying with Linux for a few years, but not committing. Now I am committed to learning enough to build and maintain some audio and server systems for the radio station.

Fortunately, being volunteer, and in this case, self-assigned, I can take the time it takes. It should be fun.

I'm finding lots of great resources online to get up to speed with how Linux lays out the directory structure and that should help me with the commands I already know, then more learning on top of that to be able to create useful cron automations and get some industrial-quality open source audio play-out and automation systems up and running.

So, if anyone can offer help or direction, I'm in for whatever happens next...

I'm starting with Lubuntu for the light touch on somewhat older hardware, and want to pick a distro and get to know it well.

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