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paranoob 09-11-2012 09:08 PM

Brand new member. Looking to move to Linux and toss Windows out the window. Lots of frustration with malware. From what people have told me, I need to embrace Linux.
But I have another reason for the switch. I am looking for a super secure way to boot my computer and after shutdown, leave no trace. Anyone have the same desires?
Boot straight from a CD. The CD would be pre-configured for the computer. Knows the hardware. Boots straight to the desktop. No passwords needed. After all, you are just booting from a CD. No stored stuff there to protect. Once online, you can logon to your email. Cloud storage space. Watch streaming content.
I hope that this group can help me attain my dream.
paranoob (paranoid noob)

frankbell 09-11-2012 09:48 PM

Welcome to LQ.

Take a look at unetbooten and "persistent" images.

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