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3Focus1 05-25-2020 01:11 AM

Hello everybody !

Retired military, living overseas in Thailand and looking at a humanitarian organization. LM, just seems to get better and better since last I saw it. Thanks for letting me hang out with you all.


rokytnji 05-25-2020 07:47 AM

Howdy and Welcome. I used to be tallest dude in the market place also.

linustalman 05-25-2020 02:09 PM

Greetings, Scott, and welcome to LQ! :hattip:

jefro 05-25-2020 05:20 PM


I can't tell you how much I enjoyed Thailand the few times I was there.

greencedar 05-25-2020 05:29 PM

Hello 3Focus1 and welcome to the LQ forum.:hattip:

Spent 2 tours in the U. S. Air Force, one tour at Korat, and one tour at Udorn, in Thailand during the Vietnam War. Once I was able to take a tour, on a U.S.A.F. sponsored group, of Chiang Mai. Enjoyed my time with the Thais, visiting the land, and their culture. I do hope that your humanitarian work goes well.

Glad to have you on board.

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