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TuxLuv 10-07-2021 06:45 PM

How do I install ARCH?? [kidding!] Hi everyone!
Hi, ;)

Massive respect to LQ what a great resource!

Great to see Linux getting more & more traction out there... I was watching from the sidelines for years.

My intro was via Mint (live session) on an old i3 HP laptop, then, installed it. Learn - nuke - learn etc.

Now I have a ZOO of Linux devices! Old & new laptops (Mint, Manjaro), a desktop I built (first time) and a couple of NAS based on ARM (OMV ; from [no longer available :( ] and a few RasPi's :)

It's been quite the journey! Looking forward to contributing & learning...

Cheers, from Australia!

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