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StevenH92 12-21-2012 12:56 PM

Hi, new to Linux and love it
Hello, my name is Steven H. and I recently switched to Linux Ubuntu 12.10 about 2 months ago and absolutely love it. I am starting to get used to it now and everything runs so much faster than it did in my old computer, which had Windows 7 installed. I come here to ask a question (not in this post though) about a panic attack my computer is having suddenly which is crashing my computer. I love Linux though how, normally, it pretty much never crashes or bugs or anything. The only thing I dislike is the complexity of certain things like compiling certain programs and how sometimes I resort to using a windows version of something with Wine and it kind of like... half works in a way.

But I do love Linux and will stick with it, I just need to learn more about it and everything will be fine.

sycamorex 12-21-2012 01:04 PM

Hi and welcome to LQ.

What programs do you need to compile? Ubuntu repositories are huge and it's recommended to use Ubuntu repositories (unless you've got a specific reason why you'd want to compile it)

Additionally, what programs do you run through wine? There are very few that don't have native Linux equivalents.

etech3 12-21-2012 02:40 PM

Glad you are here
Welcome to LQ :hattip:

frankbell 12-21-2012 11:00 PM

Welcome to LQ.

As sycamorex said, you should be able to find any programs you need in the Ubuntu repositories.

If you need a program that's not in the "repos," then you might need to compile it from sources. Ubuntu has a good article on that:

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