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gaboignacio 02-19-2013 03:29 PM

Hello. Future Educator, present Student!
Hello everyone.

My name is Gabriel, i am from Chile and a total newbye about linux and computers in general. However, against all odds i managed to install succesfully ubuntu 6.06 on my loved old IBM T22 (god how i love that case).

I know this is going to be slow (and painful at times). I know i will have to read more than i want to, but i refuse to send those other 3 old pcs (A P4 with 512 Ram and 2 other similar AMDs) to the trash. I impose myself with the noble task of installing linux on them, and to make them useful again, for educational purposes. I join this community with that goal, and i declare that I will never be a computer illiterate again.

Id love any early advice or suggestions for my intentions, as i struggle even to identify the hardware i actually have :P. That being said i want to thank all the people here for the information that i have already found in this forum, it is clear to me this is a very good site, full of nice people.

Ok, enough of that. I have tutorials to read.


jamison20000e 02-19-2013 03:54 PM

I caught this one off someone's signature, I think... :)

+ if you haven't read /desktop-distribution-of-the-year oh and open-source-hardware-product-of-the-year

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