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VoodooDali 03-23-2013 11:24 AM

Greetings from Mageia 3 :)
Greetings Penguins,

I go by VoodooDali both here and on other forums, but most people just prefer to shorten it to "Voo". Which is fine -- I'll take anything except "VD" (lol).

As I didn't like the outlook for Kubuntu post-Canonical, and since it suffered an unrecoverable crash on my laptop anyway, I decided to give Mageia 3 beta 3 a go -- having used and loved Mandriva back in the day.

So far I'm pleased! It's running lighter and faster than did Kubuntu, and my CPU is running significantly cooler! There are a few minor glitches, but that's to be expected from an otherwise production-ready beta, and I'm trying to learn to participate in the bug reporting process to help them along.

As a KDE fan (I just find it more accessible -- didn't like Gnome, hated Unity), I find this implementation of KDE to be very fast, personable and beautiful. But there are a wide range of other desktops available for the Mageia user.

I hope to elaborate on all the above soon, for anyone who might be interested, and I look forward to sharing my questions (and maybe some answers?) with all of you. :)

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