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logic2 01-02-2009 10:03 AM

Greetings and Happy New Year!!

I'm David.

I've come here before to find answers to a couple questions ( Search works quite well...:) ) and figured it was time to introduce myself with my first actual post.

I'm running Debian (Etch I believe) on an AMD Athalon 1.33 GHz processor with 1 G of ram. It still works amazingly well for a 10 year old system, I'm jsut sick of the USB 1.0 transfer rate. I just finished getting all new (used actually) hardware off ebay and will be upgrading to an AMD 64 x2 3800+ processor with 2 G of ram next weekend!!! That will give me USB 2.0, Firewire, 4 SATA ports, and digital audio output (SPDIF)to run to my stereo.

I switched to Debian because the leader of the local Linux user's group said he didn't know much about Mandriva and he could help me better if I was using Debian, then he failed to provide any more help...:scratch: I was running Mandriva because just before I bought an Apple to surf the internet (I was totally pissed about getting a virus every time my wife went on line to check her email:mad:, which took a month to eradicate, I was ready to get a second computer just to go online with) I found out about Linux and jumped in head first. (Death to Microcrap!!:) )

I never got my modem to work and now lost my printing ability (will post in the appropriate forums for help soon) but am really excited and pleased with Linux otherwise. I use my computer for Multimedia mostly (I'm about 1/3 of the way through backing up all my CD's to my hard drive since I have kids who like to leave things on the floor instead of putting them away and $0.12 per blank CD is a lot cheeper than the lawyer to defend against child abuse charges :D ) and extended hours of FreeCell... I have not been able to get K9Copy to work yet, but haven't tried real hard since I'm still working on the CD's...

I guess that's me in a nutshell.

CQ1ST 01-02-2009 11:00 AM

hi david, I'm andrew

great to see you here, its a great place for answers
good luck in the new year with the printing, backups, and cd-wreckers too

Debian's a great distro - you'll find easy help online i bet

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