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DLD 04-19-2009 04:33 PM

Getting Ready to Convert from Windows to Kubuntu
After many years with Windows (XP Pro at this point; I'm ugly, but not so stupid as to go to Vista), I've decided to make the move to Linux. I'm enrolled in a Linux Essentials course, learning Red Hat, but I plan to use Kubuntu on recommendation of a friend who knows several distros of Linux.
Yesterday I converted my laptop into a dual boot system, without physical injury to myself (remarkable) or apparent damage to the machine or either installation (even more remarkable). Most of the challenges appear to me to come with the initial setup and configuration, such as finding and installing printers and the like. (One sad discovery I think I have made is that there is no Linux driver (yet) for the Canon Pixma MX850 multifunction--not exactly a catastrophe.)
The next immediate challenge seems to be setting up the FAT32 partition so that I can share files between the Windows and Linux installations and do things like import my Firefox bookmarks.
My fondest hope is that I do not drive anyone nuts with dumb posts.


bsdunix 04-19-2009 04:49 PM

Welcome to LQ.

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