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xProphet 02-04-2013 03:01 AM

"Hello! I am a hack. Witch Linux distro is best for hacking. So that i may do my works of hacking."

Lol, only jokes ..on both counts..

I like to standout a little and be original as possible.(Okay, Mabe not ..THAT.. original)

All jokes aside. I'm a semi-newbie to linux. I've toyed with a few distros(Fedora Core 5-6?, slax, Ubuntu ) and some live cds(Backtrack 3) but never stuck with them. I presently have Slackware 14 (Mostly configured to my system, thanks to tons of tutorials) on duel boot with WinVista. I'm setting up slack to be my Webdev/design haven.(Even considering ditching windows.)

Well, I registered an account on your forum because google, the all knowing, says this site holds a lot of troubleshooting info.

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